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The guide to event marketing: strategies, ideas, and examples

The guide to event marketing: strategies, ideas, and examples

Making an event marketing plan for every event has high benefits for the business, but event marketing and event risk management are not easy tasks.

Event strategy and preparation require the highest organizational management, time scheduling, and communication skills. Event marketing is a highly appreciated strategy for all businesses, from technology and teaching to non-profit, medication, and retail.

Not only does event marketing assist the event project managers, hosts and sponsors of the events, but it also enriches the lives of attendees. Events stimulate, teach, motivate, entertain, and bring individuals together in a way different from other marketing efforts. Here you will find how to plan an event step by step.

67% of consumers do not show up for low-cost or free virtual events.


What is event marketing?

Event marketing defines the procedure of emerging a themed exhibition, demonstration, or presentation to promote a brand, service, source, or organization. In addition, it influences in-person arrangements to connect with clients.

Events can happen online and offline with the assistance of virtual events planner. In addition, event management software as a marketing channel offers impending customers distinctive, firsthand dealings with your company, giving them a true intellect of its concentration, perspective and nature.

How Does Event Marketing Function?

Event marketing can function in several means. The most recognizable is when a company hosts some occasions. Contingent on the event category, it can aid build stable relationships with consumers and prospects, finding fresh partners, attaining leads, and much more.

Another approach is attending events as an invitee. In this circumstance, a company representative can stimulate products or services or support a brand status by showing proficiency in the field. Lastly, events can be sponsored and can upsurge brand awareness.

Whatever strategy a brand sticks to, 95% of marketers consider event marketing to be the most essential way to achieve business goals.

Types Of Event Marketing

The following are the main types of event marketing that can be held physically and virtually.

1. Conferences

A conference is a significant event management platform typically organized and hosted by a top company, typically sponsored by many smaller companies and brands.

B2B and B2C companies both profit from conferences. Therefore, the agendas for these events are usually packed with speakers, workshops, and networking opportunities.


Learn from Industry Masters.
Unmatched Networking Opportunities.
Convenient Meeting Setups.
Refine Your Pitches.
Keep Up With the Newest trends

2. Expositions & Trade Shows

A trade show and exposition are effective event management programs for a specific industry or product type, such as sales of tools or medical devices. The most trained leads are classically found at trade shows where businesses can show off their products and services.


Reach new target groups and collaborative partnerships.
Screening presence, constructing trust, holding customers.
Representing strength.
Achievement market share.
Getting direct feedback on your own products.

3. Seminars

A webinar, often called a seminar is an instructive event attended by a small audience. Participants will have the chance to discuss, catch lectures, and network. Each event typically lasts one day


Plan the date, time and location.
Choose between an official and unofficial venue setting.
Send email invites to customers.
Constitute a summary of the topic.
Begin the presentation promptly

4. Pop-Up Shops

Pop-up shops are temporary retail spaces where companies can sell their products in a precise environment. Characteristically, they are prepared by e-commerce companies.

Moreover, pop-up shops offer digital companies a physical, immersive setting for their customers to experience their brands.


Trial new product lines.
Meet customers in person.
Pick up to whom the products appeal.
Examine marketing and branding strategies.
And nurture relationships with leads.

5. Workshops

In the same way as seminars, workshops aim to share knowledge and educate the attendees. However, unlike seminars, the difference is that they are typically open to the public.

The workshops can be conducted both online and in person. Even though they are not customarily promotional, they are typically focused on a topic related to the company, making it seem more credible.


Attending professional conferences, summits, workshops and seminars have positive impacts on business professionals. They offer an opportunity to develop new professional relationships, meet new friends, gain knowledge and become more successful in your career.

Event Marketing Benefits

Following are the main benefits of event marketing:

1. Brand Exposure

Exhibiting or attending events is an opportunity for you to network with a wide range of people who may be interested in your company.

Many event organizers offer exhibitors the opportunity to sponsor elements of the event. For example, seeing a company or brand representative speak allows attendees to discover and engage with the brand.

2. Lead Generation

Event marketing does not only include managing and coordinating activities during the event. Several inbound and possibly outbound activities can take place pre, during, and post the event to maximize the lead generation potential of the company.


Optimize your social presence.
Build a personal brand hub.
Build an outreach system.
Tap into your network for referrals.
Build strategic, win-win partnerships

3. In-Person Engagement With Clients

Meeting and interacting with customers will build rapport and help earn their trust. But the existing customers must not be neglected. Grabbing a coffee and chatting with current customers can help customer retention, strengthen connections, and build loyalty.

Ensure that the right team members attend the event and those attending are correctly briefed and aligned with the company’s goals, along with familiarity with the event management app and several events management software.


event management companies Montreal.
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4. Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is an opportunity to align the brand with an emerging or high-profile trend. Brands that establish themselves as a thought leader can benefit in several ways. First, being a thought leader can place a brand in an elevated position of trust amongst competitors.

Thought leadership can be based on a brand’s valuable observations of what is happening in a specific market or an innovative technology. It can be grounded on executive estimations and backed up by desk research.

Event Marketing Strategies And Ideas

Some of the following event marketing planning and strategies must be trailed to start with marketing:

1. Arrange Press Release

A press release is an inordinate method to get the responsiveness of the people who can help to achieve event objectives. You invite local media to participate in your event with a proper press release. You can also stimulate the consideration of influencers, new supporters, and brand diplomats. This is especially great when the event aims to blow out awareness and invite significant people.

2. Socialize

social media is one of the top places to associate with local influencers and individuals with a strong presence. Therefore, this tactic can assistance get the proper attention. It is one of the main event planning steps. Look for influencers who work within the industry and have a significant following on various social networks.


Better Employee Productivity.
Better Employee Relationships.
Boosted Employee Communication.
Improved Work Atmosphere.
Encourages Teamwork.

3. Go Live To Promote Your Event

Facebook is a considerable space and a great platform to get the word out about the event.

A Live Stream is an innovative trend in event marketing where you openly interact with the target audience and invite them in.

Use this prospect to give the audience a peek into what lies ahead and make a compelling pitch about why attending the actual event is something they do not want to miss.


Contribute to content advertising.
Have branding specific to the event.
Retargeting ads on social media.
Create an event hashtag.
Advertise on social media.

4. Marketing Using Email

Email Marketing is the most operative means of reaching out to consumers and inviting them to an event. At 70%, email marketing is the most popular event marketing strategy among people who regularly host events

5. Spark Fomo

For better functioning of the event management system, create the “Fear Of Missing Out” amongst the audience. Utilize content such as video or imagery to show them how they will be at a loss if they miss the event. Contrary to prevalent belief, people are more involved in an event when they feel they will lose out on something treasured if they do not attend. FOMO is a simple but effective email marketing strategy, social media campaign or blog post to generate curiosity about the event.


Create inadequacy via advertisement.
Advance instant urgency amongst consumers.
Enhance the emotional connectivity of your products.
Encourage limited stock deal availability.
Display best-seller brands to build FOMO.


Event marketing is one of the most acceptable methods to build a more positive relationship with an audience. Businesses invest more time and money in live events because marketers and executives approve. However, a successful event requires reputable event management certification. Planning an event that will last most of a week will require a highly focused team of professionals with an event management certificate. During the event planner career, planning errors will considerably impact the event that must be reduced. Furthermore, Individuals can opt for online event management courses or a diploma in event management to better understand event management strategies. The use of technology will help in minimizing these errors

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